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This cycle, we tightened up the new
experience and gave users more visibility into
. Let's dig in...
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[Publishers] Earnings Visibility
You can now see all your earnings in a nice chart on the homepage of your dashboard
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[Both] Chat Conversations Upgrade
Find the conversation you're looking for quicker.
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[Publishers] Ability to hide Affiliate Deals in Brand Gallery
Not interested in affiliate deals? You can now hide them from view.
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[Both] Better Teams Management
Working with a team? See who's on your account and add new members.
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Several small refinements to the new Per-Click product line
  • Click Counting
    [Both] - Before, we were only able to update click data on platform every ~7 hours. This has been improved and clicks will now update every hour at the slowest.
  • Campaign Dates
    [Advertisers] - Can now be edited before the campaign goes live.
  • User Education
    [Both] - Walkthroughs appear upon logging in and in context on the page.
  • Decline Reason
    [Both] - We're now collecting feedback from publishers about the offers they're declining in order to improve future campaigns.
  • Click Counting
    [Both] - Refined counting process for better accuracy
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Elsewhere in the Platform
  • Newsletter Gallery
    [Advertisers] - Tweaks to the 'active publisher' card
  • Home Screen
    [Advertisers] - Updated language around "Applications" to clarify that they're related to 1:1 Relationships
  • 1:1 Relationships
    [Both] - Scrolling direction is more natural in chat window
  • 1:1 Relationships
    [Both] - Ability to
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Bug Fixes
1:1 Relationships
  • [Advertisers] Timed out applications are now re-openable
  • [Both] Declined Invitations and Applications are now appearing correctly in 'Inactive' table
  • [Both] Dates are now displaying correctly in tables
  • [Both] Some relationships were not appearing in the Relationships dashboard because the status was not getting set correctly
  • [Both] In chat window, 'is typing' message was sometimes stuck
Per-Click (CPC) Campaigns
  • [Both] Reports tables are now displaying click counts accurately
  • [Publishers] Total Max Payout amount is now populating in the Results table
  • [Advertisers] Brands were unable to set click caps
  • [Advertisers] Invoices being created incorrectly
  • [Publishers] Some trackable links were not getting created successfully
  • [Advertisers] Navigation issues fixed
Affiliate Deals
  • [Advertisers] Invoice links were broken
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What should we be working on?
The projects we tackle are a direct result of the feedback we receive from our users. Tell us what you'd like to see improve about Swapstack here: